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Recently, with the conclusion to March Madness, the CHS French Class participated in their own version called the Manie Musicale. All of Madame Medina’s classes competed in a tournament that consisted of popular French songs. Like the march madness, Medina’s French classes created brackets of their favorite songs and voted to see which would prevail.

Throughout the course of a month, all of the classes learned various dances created by Junior, Anna Chalker. According to Chalker, her past dancing experience aided in the creation of the dances. “I would watch the music videos and use bits and pieces of my own Spartanette dances to create the moves,” Chalker stated. Creating dances is a passion of Chalker. “I love making my own routines and seeing how they turn out,” Chalker continued. The French classes took to the middle school to recruit students, and she taught the routines to the FLEX classes there. “It was a little harder because it was super crowded and they would not listen as well as the high school students,” Chalker stated.

Some of the favorite French songs included: “Tout Oublier,” by Angele, “Ca va ca va,” by Claudio Capeo, and “La Meme,” by GIMS. These songs made it to the top four on the bracket. In the end, “La Meme” took the crown as the winning song among the classes.

With the conclusion of Manie Musicale, many French students are to be recognized for having their brackets correct. These students include: Hunter Hofelich, Mellissa Ackerman, Jordan Pyle, Kaylynn Willey, Jessy Hunter, Brooke McClung, Abigail Stinger, and Sarah Keith.