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May 29, 2019

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen the media blowing up with coverage on the final season of Game of Thrones. Now, as the final episode comes closer, many theories and controversies have arisen in the community. CHS teachers have many ideas as to how the show is bound to end, and love for the many characters is undying. Sadly, the producers of the show does not share the same love, and have little problems with ending many major character’s stories. This does not sway the crowds as the show is still breaking many records.

The fight for the throne appears to be over now that Daenerys has stormed King’s Landing, but the conclusion of the episode presses for another shift in power. Since Daenerys went all “Mad Queen” status, killing thousands of innocents, the fans have become unsatisfied with her victory. Many theories have risen and people are preparing for the final episode. Now, the biggest question manifests itself again; Who will end up on throne? Here is what the teachers had to say.

Geography teacher, Mr. Diercks, stated, “It could go a few ways. Jon is the obvious choice, but he doesn’t want the throne. Dany wants it, but she is turning into her father. Cersei is on the throne now, but I don’t see her staying. I think Jon will eventually live up to his duty and take the throne.” For his predictions on the characters relationships, he stated, “The throne will become more important to Dany than her relationship with Jon, causing conflict and perhaps her death.”

French teacher, Mrs. Medina, stated, “I don’t know who will end up on the throne. I hope it is not Daenerys. I don’t really like her and she realized in the last episode during the feast that she doesn’t really have friends among the northerners. I have thought since I started the show and read the books that this entire story is a dream that Bran is having while he is in a coma. He will wake up at the end of the last episode and nothing and Tormund.”

Government teacher, Mr. Horn, stated, “Jon will end up on the throne. He is the warrior that is fire and ice. He will be the best leader for the seven kingdoms. Everything is leading up to him making the prophecy of the promised prince fulfilled. Jon fulfills all the prerequisites of Azor Ahai. He will be the true heir that sits on the throne being a selfless ruler. This will be when all of the kingdoms are truly united.”

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For my personal recollection of the final season, many theories and conspiracies have been busted with the previous episode. When asked who will end up on the throne, my immediate response would be Jon Snow, but I feel like that reaction is what is wanted from the producers. D. B. Wiess clearly stated, “The ending will be bittersweet,” which leads me to believe that the killing of Daenerys is necessary. When viewing the the demeanor of Daenerys, she wants full control, and the North will not “bend the knee”, likely separating themselves from the throne. In total: John, Arya, and Tyrion can see the true motives of the new queen and will inevitably “overthrow” her. In which Jon is most likely to pull the “trigger” and end Daenerys’ reign.

My prediction for the conclusion of the show is it will end just as it started—with the Starks. Daenerys will unfortunately meet her demise, and the remaining Starks will rule over Westeros. I am not completely convinced that Jon will not sit on the throne, but if it does go in the way of avoidance, Sansa or Bran will probably take throne—a Stark for sure. Arya is likely to be the odd card, maybe going back to seek the faceless god. Valar Morghulis!

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