Chef Charlie Goes Head To Head In A Cook Off With CHS Culinary Students


Ashley Werner, Staff Writer

On Thursday, April 18, 2019 Chef Charlie Beinart and WCC culinary Arts students Alex Powell and Shane Fisher competed against each other during a cook-off. Powell and Fisher only had thirty minutes to make a dish using duck meat. “This is really a chance for our Career Center Culinary students to showcase their skills in this challenge,” Rachel O’Brien stated, the judges were FCSC superintendent Scott Collins, WCC culinary arts instructor Kristen Davis and third year WCC culinary art student Storm Gipson. According to the article called What’s for lunch? from

Connersville News Examiner. “It is kind of like chicken,” Collins stated. Students gathered around to watch and cheer on Powell and Fisher. The competition between Powell and Fisher was silent. Both of them focused on the dish that they were making, but the pressure of competition got to them and they became tense. “You can see that they are getting nervous,”  O’Brien stated. Fisher talked to Powell about how to help with his dish. “You are not supposed to be helping each other, you guys need to be talking smack about each other” Gipson jokingly stated.

Powell’s breaded and fried duck dish that had peppers on it won over the judge’s vote for first place. According to an

Picture by Leanna Choate

article from Connersville News Examiner “Alex’s dish just had more flavor,” Davis stated. Fisher made a fried duck dish that had salt, lemon and cucumber, which won him second place. Powell and Fisher had already planned a signature dish to cook just in case they won the opportunity to vs. Beinart. Powell made a crepe, which is a thin pancake with fruit and yogurt. “Chef Charlie’s crepe won due to it having a better presentation,” Gipson stated. Powell won a kitchen utensil set and a cook book. Fisher received a McDonald’s gift card, a t-shirt and a cook book. Congratulations to Powell and Fisher for their outstanding competition efforts.