April 25, 2019

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, April 9th, Israel held its prime minister elections. Unlike our presidential elections, Israel`s political parties have more than two parties. There are a total of twenty parties in the Israeli government. There was an anticipation of who was going to be elected. The winner of the elections was Benjamin Netanyahu, who got re-elected to a fifth term, and Israeli Prime Ministers can serve as Prime Minister till elections if they get voted in or out, or till they die. His main opponent was Benjamin Gantz. Netanyahu is the first Israeli Prime Minister to be born in Israel. 

With all the anticipation in these elections, the Israeli people seemed to hope more for Benjamin Gantz to get the prime minister seat, but when the poll votes were counted, the votes showed different. People wanted Netanyahu to remain where he is, as Prime Minister. President Trump is in support of Netanyahu, but not many other government heads. 

There is a president of Israel, but the Prime Minister is the one who holds the real power in the country. The president is more of a ceremonial head, like a constitutional monarchy, but as a democracy. There was a total of thirty-six prime minister candidates, but only two have been heard of outside of the Israeli politics world. 

The votes in the elections did have to be re-counted because there were issues with the first counting, but in the first counting of the votes, Gantz was sure he was voted in as prime minister. Once the votes were re-counted, he got a completely opposite answer than what he had hoped for. But the tides changed for Gantz, and the vote went to Netanyahu. 

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