Lady Spartan Tennis Team's Season Has Begun


Connersville News Examiner

“I really think a champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.”- Serena Williams. 

Players fight for games, but they also fight the wind. They go back and forth with strategy in hope of ending the point, or changing the game from defensive to offensive tactics. When a point gets to deuce or they go into a tie breaker set, their hearts speed up and the world around them fades out of existence. Their battle is no longer with the wind or even the winning of a game, but their battle is mental, and their worry is an individual point. “One point at a time” runs through their head and all that is left is the easy part— the game. 

The lady Spartan tennis team’s season is in full swing under the advisement of its new coach, also the boys’ tennis coach, Chris Bloom. Their record at the halfway point of the season is two and seven, which does not convey the amount of dedication, hours and hard work the team has put into turning the program around. 

Because of the timing of the girls’ season, the weather is often rainy and cold, making it hard to find time for practices and being able to play matches. “The hardest challenge to overcome so far this season is dealing with the unpredictable weather and competing for spots as the only freshman,” Cheryl Garrison stated. Garrison is a number two singles and occasional number two doubles player for JV. She has gone undefeated in her singles matches.  

Even though the team has been faced with difficulties, they have adapted to their circumstances and pushed through. They have invested in indoor nets which give them to ability to practice no matter the weather. Practices are a prime example of something that brings the team together. They bond over conversations while running and jokes during queen of the court. “The most enjoyable part of the season so far is making new friends and everyone being so nice to each other,” Garrison explained. 

“A lot more of my friends are on the team this year so the practices and bus rides are more fun,” returning player, junior, Grace Silcott stated. Silcott is a number two varsity doubles player. In the prior year she played singles, so she has had to make adjustments, to the net in particular. “It [the net] can be intimidating at times, but now I think it’s the most fun position to play,” Silcott said. Singles players do not always get a lot of net action, so her transition to doubles has given her a new variety of skills. 

The team and its players have adjusted to having a new coach, new practice style and new positions, but in the end it will give them what it takes to shape the program into a winning team and make a few friends too.