April 19, 2019

Recently, with the arrival of Shane Dawson’s new YouTube series, the media has been blowing up for his intricate take on the world of conspiracy theories. Although the platform of YouTube is not renown for its significance in TV films, Shane Dawson’s multi-part series takes the cake as the best production of 2018. His film like videos have raked in over 150 million views and top the charts of trending for weeks. Shane Dawson marks the beginning of a new era of YouTube, instituting a push for underground producers.

In the past, Shane Dawson has filmed a multitude of short films and gimmick series with various production teams; none of which their popularity became mainstream. For the past years, Shane Dawson’s content has been based around his humor and lightheartedness on his YouTube channel. His videos often consist majorly of conspiracy theories and food reviewing. But in recent years, on his podcasts, he stated,” My videos became more forced and a change in content was needed.” Shortly after that the legend took a break, and came back with a new series that astonished the YouTube community.

Unlike other youtubers, Dawson took to the content creators and explored the life and channel of Grav3yardgirl; a girl whose fame extends to the beginning of YouTube, but has declined in recent years. The series was an immediate hit and the audience craved the fresh content more than ever, pushing for another series. Now after four hit series, Shane Dawson breaks the record for most consistent view count since the beginning of YouTube.

His most recent series about Conspiracy Theories tackles that controversy such as the fake California fires and government listening through our phones. Even though his recent fame has died down significantly, the YouTube is on the grind to complete his next series with the infamous Jeffree Star. Months in the making and a lot of hard work, the crowds awaiting the new series are sure to be pleased. TV has become a thing of the past and lookout because Shane Dawson is on the rise and taking over.


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