Brianna Harris, Staff Writer

As graduation day comes closer, many seniors are still deciding what they want their next step in life to be. There is always the option of getting a job straight out of high school, enrolling in college or trade school, or possibly enlisting in the military. 

“I leave for boot camp July 15, and go to San Diego and will be there for 13 weeks,” senior, Shane Smith stated.

Smith considered other options such as, “play[ing] college ball and [getting] a medical degree,” then, going into the Marines, but decided that enlisting first would be the best option. The military is a long, but worthwhile process. 

Senior, Xavier King, also has plans to enlist in the military. National Guard being his branch of choice, King has the decision of staying in the military, or enrolling in college for “Film/broadcasting.”

Some people may go directly into the workforce so they can pay for college later in life. Student debt can be tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what university that person may attend. There are options to help people pay for college like financial aid and scholarships and full rides to college.

Scholarships can be earned by getting A-B honor roll, involvement in the community, and sports or club activity. Senior, Lindsey Bishop chose to work first and obtain her degree later.   “After graduation I plan to go straight into the work force. I’ll work for a year saving my money up for college. Once I get to college I’ll work during my stay earning my way through tuition.”

Leaving high school is and starting an adult life is new territory for any graduate. All seniors have a different plan, the plan may be in their best interest, or it may be what they want to do. Although there are still some seniors who still do not know what they want after school, they might have an idea of what they want.