The Jag Program Welcomes Its New Instructor, McKennzie Beckedahl


JAG Teacher, McKennzie Beckedahl

Alex Edwards , Sports Editor

In the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, the students and staff of CHS were reluctant to say goodbye to many great teachers such as former teacher and director of CHS Today, Mr. Glowacki. Meanwhile, we were introduced to a dozen new, great teachers. Today, early in the second semester, we are welcoming the newest addition to the Spartan staff, JAG Instructor, McKennzie Beckedahl.

Following graduating from high school, Beckedahl attended and graduated college at Ivy Tech and Oral Roberts University, which is an online school. After four years, Beckedahl earned a major in the degree of psychology. While it is her current form of employment, teaching is not the field in which she began her career. Before pursuing teaching, “I worked in social services as well as the court system,” Beckedahl stated.

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Coming to CHS, Beckedahl plans to accomplish both her goals and the goals of her students. “My goals are to help students find and develop their abilities to be successful after graduation,” Beckedahl said. Not only is the JAG program a privlege that our student body reaps the benefits from, Beckedahl views the class as an outstanding opportunity that she hopes every student that is nearing graduation may take advantage of. Beckedahl continues, “I would have loved to have had the opportunity to take JAG when I was in high school.”

As a former student, Beckedahl hopes to use her experiences to help the students in the JAG program. Beckedahl believes that every high school student shares similar experiences and if we come together, we could help each other in different ways, both as classmates and friends. Optimistically, Beckedahl concludes, “I understand where you’re coming from and I am here to help you however I can!”