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On Saturday, February sixteenth, 2019. Thirty-two events from the choral department of CHS competed at Perry Meridian High School and Middle School in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2019 State Solo and Ensemble contest. Twenty-seven events received a gold rating with five distinction awards and two of those were perfect scores. Five of the events received silver ratings. The following received gold: Elizabeth Waterman, Sidney Parker, Ethan Boggs, Anna Waterman (with Distinction), Madison Mullins, Hollie Slagle, Ben Bischoff (With Distinction), Baylie Wilson, Anna Moore, Adam Kelly Jr. , Kindra Young, Abby Risselman, Anna Chalker, Isaac Wolski, Makayla Cranfill (with Distinction), Kaylor McKinney, Andrea Babbs, Hana Glover, Emily Lentz, and Joe Crawford.

“I sang the song The Vagabond, I practiced daily and I put a lot of time and effort into my solo. I was surprised at the fact I got as good as a score I received especially since I am a freshman,” Bischoff said.

“I sang Who’ll Buy My Lavender, I prepared for this contest about every other day for ten to fifteen minutes during choir class for about a month. I received a silver rating at State Solo and Ensemble. I was not surprised by this voting,” Dafler said.

“[I sang] Art is Calling for Me. I worked every day in class with my accompanist. I was pleased with the rating I received,” Waterman said.

“I sang the song Deep River, I practiced this song at least twice a day. I was surprised by the rating that I received but not necessarily surprised, I practiced a lot,” Kelly said.

“For my solo I sung Homeward Bound, I practiced at least once a day for about an hour after school and ran through my song with my piano player during class for two weeks. I was very surprised by my rating but I was thinking I would get gold. I was nervous so I was sounding shaky so I thought I would get docked points because of that,” Kindra Young said.

“I sang the song Lass from the Low Countree, I would say that I put in at least a good two months in order to prepare for State Solo and Ensemble. After receiving a low gold at district, I believed I would get a high silver. Surprisingly I received a gold at state. I was excited because this was my first gold at State level ISSMA. It was not high gold but it is still gold” Andrea Babbs said.

“I sang Ave Mariaa solo, Battle of Jericho in an ensemble, and Irish Blessing with a barbershop quartet. I practiced my songs almost every day for a couple of weeks. I worked on my solo on my time, but mainly practiced the ensemble and quartet in class. I was proud of the rating I received. I earned a gold medal for all three events I was in,”Anna Moore said.

“I sung Tu Lo Sai, in English it translates to Ask Thy Heart and it is Italian. I spent about two to three months preparing and practicing. It took a long time for me to pronounce the words correctly. I sung a very difficult some, but I received gold due to the hard work. The advice I would give to incoming freshmen who are going to join high school choir is be yourself and have fun with the music. Practice makes perfect in choir, and when you practice you can achieve great things, like a gold rating,” Parker said.

“I sang the songs Battle of JerichoRide on King Jesus, and Summertime. I sung each song every day in class for at least a month. I was not really surprised that I received gold because I practiced a lot and I worked hard,” Slagle said.

“I sang De Animals a-coming, I also sung in a mixed ensemble and we sang Battle of Jericho. The CHS choral department prepared for over a month for this contest. In order to go to state you have to get a gold at district Solo and Ensemble. I was not really surprised that I received gold for my solo. I was shocked because one of the judges was a judge from district and he gave me a better score at state. The advice I would to incoming freshman would be join choir because the friendships and memories you will make will live with you forever,” Boggs said.

“I sung The Lass from The Low Countree, I put in a lot of effort in class and I tried to remember and practice at state. I was not expecting my rating to be gold due to state being an advanced contest. The advice I would give to incoming freshmen who are going to join high school choir is do your best and work your tail off because in the end it is worth all the work,” Lentz said.

Gold rated barbershop groups: Wigginton Barbershop, Moore Barbershop, Waterman Barbershop: perfect score and distinction Risselman Barbershop

Gold Rated Large Ensembles: fifth period ensemble: Battle of Jericho sixth period ensemble: Danny Boy sixth and seventh period ensemble: Stopping by the Woods.

Silver rated vocal Solos: Cassidy Sullivan, Mercedes Fudge, Abbie Dafler.

Silver Rated Large Ensembles: fourth period: De Animals a-coming.

It was a bitter sweet moment for all of the seniors, due to this being their last Solo and Ensemble. But they will cherish the memories of competing in Solo and Ensemble. Congratulations to everyone who earned a silver and gold rating.