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Once was a time long ago when people did not depend on phones, or any electronics to hear the news, they did not even have a newspaper yet. Before 1690, people depended on town gossip to find out what was going on in the world. Before the newspaper it took a lot longer for the news to spread around the world. September 25,1690 was one of the biggest day in news history because the first ever newspaper was published. It consisted of three pages of news and one page that was blank. 

Although it may have taken a bit longer for news to spread, it may have been a little more reliable than what is on television, in books, and the modern newspaper. Even though news sources are not one hundred percent accurate, the sources may be from a reliable source but words get twisted, it even happened before the first newspaper was published. 

The first newspaper was the London Gazette of 1666. Although that was the first newspaper was published, the oldest surviving paper is from 1702. Many people do not understand how the internet has changed the way news has spread throughout the years. Many people think that the internet has changed the way newspapers are written including Audrey Arvai, Clarion newspaper advisor, “I also think that the internet has changed the way people perceive the news.” In a way that makes sense, Arvai also said “we use traditional style book rules and guidelines, not to be broken or negotiated, but I also allow to choose the news’ they give coverage.” Although the newspaper may be old, there are new ways being discovered today on how to spread news.