This year there are twenty-two new or returning teachers here and many left. We will miss their pres-ence and hope they continue living a good life outside of school. Let us tell you about the new teach-ers. Tim Davis, a student teacher in the English department, was a former teacher in the JAG program. Davis went to Ball State University and got a Bachelor’s in Journalism and also went to Asbury theolog-ical seminary to get a Master’s degree in theology. Before he came to work here, he worked in the cor-porate business world for eighteen years and worked as a social worker for three years. He then became a JAG instructor and taught for five years. That is a total of twenty-six years he has been working!

Davis wanted to find new opportunities so he went to be a student teacher for many different English classes. “I’m in a different role so I am still adjusting,” Davis said about his year so far. His goals are like any other teachers; to make sure the students succeed in their classes and be able to ful-fill their dreams after they graduate. He also hopes to do what he can helping out the English teachers to the best of his abilities. The ways he’ll teach his new students he said are, “I’ll try to be creative and helping them understand difficult concepts and I will try to give them as much individual atten-tion I can.”