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Tori Brandt , Editor

 Trump is building a wall between himself and his democratic colleagues over funding for the border barrier. Trump’s current government shutdown over wall funding has now broke the record for the longest shutdown in American history. Bill Clinton previously held the record at twenty-one days over a Medicare disagreement. So, what does this mean for Americans?

There are approximately 800,000 government workers going unpaid, including the military. January 15 marks the first missed paycheck for the National Guard of the government shutdown. While taxes are still expected to be paid, tax returns for American’s cannot be distributed until the end of the shutdown and federal aid programs such as WIC and Food Stamps are concerned over a shortage in funds.

The shutdown is affecting all areas of the country, including the sky above it. Air travel has been brought to a halt and the amount of airline workers is the lowest it has been in over thirty years. Air traffic workers are not being paid. 50,000 airline workers have joined over thirty unions for fear of losing their jobs due to the shutdown. In an effort to end the shutdown, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants sent a letter to Trump and Pelosi to insist on an end to the shutdown. “Flight Attendants across the industry ask you to end the shutdown now. This is a matter of safety, security, and economic concern,” the Association of Professional Flight Attendants said in the letter to Trump.

Trump has made it clear that he is willing to keep the government shutdown for “months, or even years,” to get what he deems necessary: funding for the border wall, even at the cost of the American economy. While his fight with the left side continues, the American economy is losing money. By the thirty-first day of the shutdown, the American economy had lost 5.7 billion dollars, equivalent to the amount Trump is asking for to build his wall. John Delaney, a former Maryland congressman, took the issue to twitter, saying, “It costs between $12-20 Million more an HOUR to run gov’t during shutdown – it’s MORE expensive to run a closed government.”

So far, Trump has offered a deal to speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, that he will grant more leniency on DACA, an immigration policy that allows children of illegal immigrants to gain work permits, obtain a driver’s license, etc., if she agrees to give him the funds for the building of the wall. Pelosi refused to come to an agreement until the government is reopened. There have been other moves to reopen the government, such as a vote held in the House of Representatives, which resulted in all republicans vote not to reopen the government and all but one of the democrats voted for it to be reopened. Until an agreement is reached, the fate of America hangs in the balance.

UPDATE: The government was reopened on January 25th after record-breaking length. The circumstances concerning the border wall are continue to ride upon any future agreements that could be made between Nancy Pelosi and President Trump.