Ashley Werner, Staff Writter

On December 19, 2018 the whimsical Mary Poppins Returns was released. The rating of this movie is PG. This movie is the sequel of the 1964 Mary Poppins. It is also based on the book written by Pamela Lyndon Travers in 1934. This movie was directed by Rob Marshall, and stars Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, Lin Manuel Miranda as Jack, Ben Whishaw as Michael Banks, and Emily Mortimer as Jane Banks. Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer are the original actors that played as Michael and Jane Banks in the first Mary Poppins movie. This movie is set in the 1930’s in London, England. Michael Banks lives in his childhood house with his children George Banks, Annabel Banks, and John Banks. Michael’s wife had passed away. Due to the passing of his wife Michael got behind on paying for his house. Even though he is a bank teller, he always let his wife finance money for the house. Michael gets a knock on his door from lawyers. Both of them tell him that his house will be repossessed in five days if he does not pay off the loan.

Michael worries about how he is going to pay off his loan. His children also fear for their father, and they also fear that that they are going to lose their house. Jane mentions to Michael that their father had left them valuable shares from the stock market. Michael has to find the missing certificate that shows proof of the shares. The shares will help him pay off the payment so he can keep his house. Michael’s kids try to also help him find it, but he does not want them to worry.  

The kids go to the park and fly Michael’s green kite that was from his childhood. Georgie flies the kite even though it is really windy. Just when he is about to lose his kite, Jack goes over to him and helps him hold the kite. But they still cannot get the kite back down due to the strong wind. Then, all of a sudden Jack sees a woman holding the other side of the kite that is up in the sky. The woman comes down with the kite. The mysterious woman is Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins says hello to Jack, Mary Poppins and Jack are good friends. 

Jack asks Mary why she is back. She tells him that she wants to help Michael find the certificate. Mary then says hello to Annabel, Georgie, and John. They ask her how she knows their names, because all of them have never met Mary Poppins before. She tells them that she was Michael’s and Jane’s nanny, so that is how she knows their names. Mary Poppins had kept track of Michael’s and Jane’s lives since the first time she left. All of the kids then go back to the house and take Mary Poppins back with them.

Michael and Jane are shocked when they see Mary standing right in their childhood house where she was their nanny. They also ask her why she is back and she tells them that she is back to help them find the certificate Michael and Jane are happy to see Mary Poppins again. Watch the movie to find out if Michael and the rest of them can find the missing certificate within five days. Find out if Michael and his family get to stay in their house or not. This movie is recommended to people who like to watch fantasy/adventure movies.