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Hallie Wilson:

Hallie Wilson is one of the five seniors on the Connersville Spartans Cross Country team. Like others on the team, Wilson views the team as more than just a sport, it’s family. Wilson’s scheduling to balance school and the team is crucial. “I go to practice, then to work, then home usually by 10:00 pm, then do homework until 12:00 am or later. Who needs sleep?” Wilson stated. The team to Wilson is more than just running. “I love being able together to know all the runners,” Wilson said. She views the team as a system of friends she gets to compete with. Wilson also has been running with the team for four years. The team and Wilson have many goals for this season. Wilson has personal goals she would like to complete by the end of the season. “Right now, I’m having issues with pain in the back of my leg, therefore affecting my overall performance, my goal is to get |back| to where I was last year,” Wilson stated. To conclude her high school career, Wilson is keeping her head held high. Through injury and tough scheduling, she is still pushing to break twenty-three minutes on the season.


Trevor Hux:

Trevor Hux is a returning, three-year runner for the seniors on the cross-country team. Hux is passionate about the sport and always pushes for success. Hux’s relationship with the team is more than teammates, it is a family. “My favorite part of Cross Country is us being like a family and that we all endure it together,” Hux stated. Physical health on the team is at an all-time high. Hux said, “I’d say it has improved my cardiovascular system a lot. It has strengthened my legs as well as my mind.” Balance is vital for the team, but Hux has found it to be quite simple. “Cross Country doesn’t last so long that I have no time for anything else. I have plenty of time after to work on homework, so there really isn’t a need for balancing,” Hux explained. With the team spirit high, many personal goals are trying to be obtained. “I had a goal of trying to break 20:00 but I’m a little away from that. My main goal is to end my last year enjoying the last moments I have in the sport,” stated Hux. With season dwindling to an end, Hux’s motives are relaxed and strong. He plans to end his high school with the feeling of gratitude for a job well done.


Sicily Bowling:

Most of the seniors on the cross-country team are returning, but Sicily Bowling is new to the team. Bowling is new to the team but she already has plans. Her main goal this year is to “reach 23 minutes or under.” Bowling also has future plans. “…I will continue running because I enjoy the benefits it has,” Bowling stated. Like most of the cross-country members, Bowling’s favorite part of the team is “the people |because| they are like family” to her. She also has witnessed the physical changes. “I am in the best shape of my life,” Bowling states. Bowling has to balance free time and school to stay up to date. “I stay up late most nights doing homework, but whenever I have free time I try to complete as much homework as possible,” Bowling explained. Although she is new, Bowling is still passionate about the end of the season. Her career might not be extensive, but Bowling’s career was well lived.


Kyle Downard:

For his third year in Cross Country, Kyle Downard is returning to finish his high school career. Unlike most of the seniors, Downard’s favorite part of the team is the competition. Downard stated, “|My favorite part is| the competing against over 100 kids at meets. “Physical and mental health is very important to the cross-country team. Doward has seen some improvements in his physical health. “I’ve got great cardio and my asthma isn’t as bad,” Downard explained. Balance is crucial to mental health. Downard stated, “every day after running lots of miles, I go home, do homework, nap.” Downard’s motives are high this season. Although he has no plans on pursuing cross country after high school, he still has big goals for this season. Downard wants to “be a regional qualifier” this season. With the conclusion of the season on way, Downard is planning to end on a high note. His eyes are set on regionals, and he is not backing down. 


Caroline Arndt:

To end her six-year long career, senior Caroline Arndt is back with more ambition than ever. She plans on finishing her high school career on a high note. Arndt is very passionate about school and the team. Because the team practices so frequently, the team has become a support system for Arndt. “My favorite part is the team bonding. We always have fun when we are with each other, it’s like a big family,” Arndt explained. Being focused and staying on top of school work is crucial for Arndt. She stated, “I try to utilize my time well so I don’t have to worry about my school work as much on the days we have meets.” Arndt is pushing for success and her goals reflect that. “My goals are to make it to semi-state and to break 21 minutes,” Arndt stated. Cross Country has a lot of benefits enabling her to push for her goal. “It’s definitely made me stronger,” Arndt said. With the season on its way, Arndt plans to make history in her career.