January 15, 2019

On November 16, 2018 the heart warming, movie called Instant Family was released. Staring Mark Wahlberg as Pete Wagner, Rose Byrne as Ellie Wagner, Isabela Moner as Lizzie, Julianna Gamiz as Lita, and Gustavo Quinoz as Juan. The rating of this movie is PG-13. This movie is based off a true story. The movie starts out with Pete and Ellie Wagner who are a married couple that fix houses for a living. They never really had time to settle down and have kids of their own, so they decided that they wanted to be foster parents. They join an adoption program and they have to take classes in order to meet the requirements to foster kids. The classes include learning how to do CPR and learning how to be a support system for kids. The Wagener’s and the rest of the group that are wanting to be foster parents go to what is called a child fair. Which is basically an event that has all of the kids in that area that are in the foster care system. And the foster group basically goes around and talks to kids that they are interested in fostering.

There, Pete and Ellie meet fifteen-year-old girl named Lizzie, but little do they know that she has two younger siblings. Pete and Ellie then go to the foster care house where Lizzie and her siblings, Juan and Lita, live to interact with them. Pete plays basketball with Juan and Ellie plays dolls with Lita. Pete and Ellie are approved to take them into their care. The couple learns a lot about the kids in the first few weeks that they live together like how Juan is sensitive and says sorry a lot. They also learned that Lizzie would watch and take care of Juan and Lizzie while their mom was absent or in jail for drugs. They do not know who their dad is. Due to their mom being incapable of taking care of them, they were put into the foster care system. The day after getting the kids, Pete and Ellie take them to school. Lizzie gets a bit nervous about going to high school. Days past by and the kids start rebelling against their foster parents. Lizzie has her teenage moments of getting grounded and sneaking in her friends through her bedroom window. Juan and Lita act up by refusing to eat their dinner and run around the house. The overwhelmed Pete and Ellie then decide to go to a foster care support group to find help on how to deal with the new-found challenge.

At the support group, Pete and Ellie talk about the kids’ behavior and ask for help. The group members advise the couple to talk to Lizzie and let her know it is okay to express her emotions when she is angry or scared and share ways to deal with the younger children’s behavior. Weeks go by and the foster family begins to adapt to each other when they get news that shakes their world. The mom of the foster children has been released from jail. Watch the movie to find out if the kids will go back to their mom or stay with Pete and Ellie. This movie is recommended to people who love to watch movies about true stories, and heartwarming movies.


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